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  2. A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking - Dan O'Hair, Hannah Rubenstein, Rob Stewart - Google книги.
  3. The Book of Secrets of Albertus Magnus: Of the Virtues of Herbs, Stones, and Certain Beasts, Also a Book of the Marvels of the World.

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A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking 5th Edition eTextbooks and Ebook version

Search Search Books. Published by Gyles Moody Modified over 3 years ago. Chapter Three Listeners and Speakers. Chapter 3 — Communicating Effectively as a Leader and a Manager. Arrange our chairs in a circle.

A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking

I will give the first person a statement. You must whisper the statement as best you can to your neighbor.

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You may NOT. Listening Chapter Five. After completing this chapter, you will be able to define listening and effective listening explain the steps in the listening. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. A very good book that helped me in my Public Speaking class.

SMA Reads: A pocket guide to public speaking Chapter 7

I would highly recommend taking that class at least sometime in your college education. I read this book for an Honors Class. I also read it more than once.


It would help with Business Skills and Public Speaking. There is just enough information in the book. I got an A in class because of the lessons I learned from reading the book. It is a must read. Read this for my Speech course. It was a good introduction in learning how to become a good public speaker. I think though, that this book definitley cannot replace the course, as, of course, taking formal classes can be essential. This pocket guide helped me immensely with my public speaking class.


I received an A because of the tips and tricks inside this book - and it made me the wonderful public speaker that I am today! I keep it on hand to review now and then. Dec 16, Esther Avraham rated it really liked it. Usually, I shy away from pocket guides and how-to books as most don't provide much more information that a reliable search engine. This book helped me create and deliver potent presentations both individual and group. Easy to follow guide that helped immensely with pre-performance anxiety.

Sep 12, Caleb Gibson rated it it was amazing. Want to be a good speaker?

This is by far one of my favorite books to turn back and read again. It is very practical and straight to the point.

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