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Mehta do all the crazy stuffs. Must read for everyone. Jul 22, Oviya Balan rated it liked it. The whole idea behind putting in all his experiences travelling around India in words has worked well for the author. I loved the way the story started and how it lead to various events and stuff. But after a point I felt the whole experience was being repetative.

Also, this was the first travel book I ever read. So, my judgements could be wrong.

Hot Tea Across India Book Launch by Purab Kohli

Read this book for fine travel scenes and a good authorship. Jul 16, Adnan Pen Wala rated it it was amazing. A fun read about author's experiences around India, writing for the most part is very engaging and well written with blends of humour and satire in difficult situations faced in different circumstances. Although Most part of the book is based on North India with just the last chapter dedicated to south would love to have a second follow up for it.

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Feb 23, Suman rated it really liked it Shelves: This one is unlike any travel book. It weaves the author's love for tea with some fantastic writing about his travel. I can just imagine so many of the scenes he describes because he wrote them so well. I read this on Kindle for free but bought a physical copy later since I really want to own a copy of this book.

It's going to be great to dip into this book for a refreshing read. Entertaining stories -- repetitive; I've read much better travel books, with a lot more insight.

If you have any interest at all in travelling - buy this book.

A map would have been useful -- I could only locate the general area on a map. Would make a better movie, than a book! Feb 01, Harshit Gupta rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction , travel , india , memoir. It's not very ordered, is something that made me wonder what's happening in the book in quite a few places, almost through the book.

Other than that, it's well written and interesting in most places. May 08, Raghu Venkatraman rated it liked it. I am a sucker for Indian travel writing.

Either by Indians or by Non Indians about India. Nice to consume and satisfying at that point but no great insights or even observations. Well written but as they say only good time pass. A light happy read. The book is a good light read. The content and stories get better as you progress through the chapters. If you have travelled across, you might relate to the stories being told. Nov 17, Arathi Mohan rated it really liked it Shelves: india , travel , non-fiction , food.

A delightful travel book filled with wonderful places and interesting people. Goes well with a cup of tea and dash of humour. As they say, there's nothing better than a cup of tea and a good book. May 27, J Priya rated it really liked it. A travelogue of author from Himalaya to Kerala, and chai from various dhaba to tea stalls.

May 31, Vaishnavi rated it really liked it. A delightful and entertaining travelogue. Apr 20, Anu Agrawal rated it really liked it. The book will inspire you to pack your bags and have your own TEA stories. Happy Reading! May 28, Harsha rated it it was ok. My first mail reached the editor of Writers melon in minutes of my reading about this review program.

I found it a great way to encourage people to read, write, and have their moment of publicity if their reviews are posted on the site.

I am thankful to Writers melon and Westland books for this opportunity. I was given two choices among books, one a mystery novel, which is my favorite genre and the other a travelogue. I enjoy going to places, admire the scenic beauty and awe at the wonders of th My first mail reached the editor of Writers melon in minutes of my reading about this review program.

I enjoy going to places, admire the scenic beauty and awe at the wonders of the world, but it is difficult for me to read about the detailed landscape. Therefore, I read travelogues occasionally and only when my friends want a comment on their posts. You know it is a mutual benefit! There is no station where the chaiwalas will not aboard the train, selling the ubiquitous tea. The start of this book presents a very similar argument ' If there is one certainty about roads in India, it is that - no matter where you are or what the hour is - if you want a cup of tea, you'll find a chai ka dukaan within a few kilometers'.

Rishad Shaam Mehta is an engineer turned photographer and travel writer. It is so inspiring to see a man take out time from mundane routines to make traveling his second occupation. In very simple language, he describes the various people he meets on his escapades and presents the scenic beauty of the places he visits. The author customarily finds a cup of tea in all his adventures in the Himalayan ranges and places down south. He hilariously presents the problems encountered in his voyage. His account of getting the bike transferred by trains to the newest destinations he wants to visit is very enchanting.

In addition, I could not help but laugh aloud at his experience of traveling together with goats on a bus to manali. The vivid descriptions of his travels across the length and breath of India, from the valleys of Kashmir to the munnar in kerela, make one long for such an adventure. The book had its moments; some stories captivate more than the others do. Most of his adventures are however predictable, and it makes one wonder whether all the accounts are true to happen to one individual. If you want to have a light read, on a four-hour trip to somewhere, with a hot cup of tea in hand, this book is the one to have.

hot tea across india

Mar 14, Faye rated it it was amazing. A good book should leave you… slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it. A friend recommended the book, and I ordered it almost instantly. I had high expectations from the book, to say the least. Hot Tea Across India is a book all travellers would have dreamed of being a part of. Just mentioning that envelopes me in a mirage of snow-capped mountains and long winding roads. What I especially loved about the book, was how vivid a picture Mehta painted for his readers.

Book Reviews: Hot Tea Across India by Rishad Saam Mehta

You can actually visualise him running away from the bearded man in Kargil, or standing behind the jawan holding a carbine outside the Chashma Shahi. Not only do the readers glide through the picturesque routes Mehta traverses on, but they also endure it to the extent he does. Though I knew that each chapter was a short story of its own, I could barely keep the book down.