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In recent years, the benefits of bilingualism became more numerous than disadvantages. The factors to consider when studying bilinguals are:. The earlier the L2 is learned the so-called "early" bilingual , the more the cerebral areas are divided between L1 and L2. During later L2 learning, the same areas appear activated but there would be additional recruitment of adjacent areas.

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The variable "competences" influences mainly the lexico-semantic treatment in L2. Thus, the higher the L2 skills, the more the cerebral network between L1 and L2 would be shared. This TED video 5 minutes long illustrates recent development in bilingual research and explains the general concept.

It shared French and North American perspectives from experts in bilingualism, psychology, psychiatry, linguistics, nutrition, multiculturalism and education on the advantages of living with two languages. Experts from the United States, France and Canada gave serval talks which where recorded and are avialable via the internet. Start - Smart Words. Bilingualism Definition Bilingualism or more generally: Multilingualism is the phenomenon of speaking and understanding two or more languages. The term can refer to individuals individual bilingualism as well as to an entire society social bilingualism.

The term can also refer to the corresponding scientific research which studies the phenomenon itself. Bilingualism, multilingualism and polyglotism can all be used as synonyms for the same phenomenon. Language Learning - Categories Simultaneous acquisition occurs when, for example, a child learns several languages simultaneously within its social environment.

Also called Compound bilingual amalgamated. Children who switch between languages tend to be considered as less developed in their abilities to master standard English, a prerequisite for academic success. In schools, bilingual children are generally assessed according to how well they can read and write in the standard English.

Non-standard or mixed speech in particular has been considered problematic. Bilingual children who engage themselves in code switching are questioned about their academic abilities and potentials, and they are more likely to be placed in remedial classes Lara, The education community has paid little attention to the simultaneous development of the two languages in bilingual children. This school was a heritage community language school that offered language and culture courses on weekends. The first grade classroom was selected because of the diversity in student backgrounds.

Linguistics 15: Bilingualism

There was a good mix of social and racial identities among these children. Eight of the students in the class were the children of the Chinese graduate students who came to study for advanced degrees at the local university. Two of the students were from inter-racial marriage families with one of the parents a Chinese and the other an American.

One child was from Taiwan , and two others from Hong Kong. All children had average or above-average English proficiency.

Among the children in the class, Lingling was selected as the focal participant. Lingling was a typical Chinese bilingual child with Chinese as the home language and English as the dominant language, and she was fluent in both English and Chinese. She came to the United States at five, and completed the kindergarten satisfactorily.

This was a descriptive study. The Chinese class was observed for one hour every Saturday afternoon for 14 weeks.


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The researcher took the role of a participant observer Patton, A good rapport was established between the researcher and the children in the class and especially with the focal child Lingling. Field notes were taken during classroom observations. The audiotapes were transcribed. Several steps were involved in data analyses. First, the researcher searched the field notes and transcripts to identify all instances of code switching. Second, each instance was coded and labeled according to its potential function.

Third, all the codes were screened and instances labeled with the same or similar codes were grouped together. This was followed by a careful examination of the relationships between and among different codes. Codes with similar nature were then grouped into major categories to suggest patterns.

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Finally, each pattern was reexamined to ensure that it truly reflected the nature of its supporting data, and example s representing each pattern were selected to illuminate the nature of the pattern. Findings suggest that all bilingual children in the study engaged in the code switching behavior although the frequency of this behavior varied. Contrary to common expectation, English was her language of preference at this stage of her life.

She talked to her classmates mostly in English. However, Lingling switched to Chinese if adults especially when the Chinese teacher joined the conversation. Teacher, do you want a piece of candy? Bu yong. In this data clip, Lingling was observed switching her language from English to Chinese prompted by the appearance of her Chinese teacher. Lingling understood that she came to the Chinese school to learn Chinese, and the teacher might expect her to use Chinese.

Her sense of the status of interlocutors led to her motivation to switch. When talking about the subjects taught in the Chinese school, Lingling was more likely to use Chinese than English. For example, when Lingling talked to her friend Di about her Wu Shu class Chinese Martial Art and the things that she learned in that class, she made the switch from English to Chinese.

Although they were taking the same Chinese class, Di was not enrolled in the Wu Shu class. I need to go to Wu Shu class. To Lingling, Wu Shu was a Chinese topic, and it was unlikely and inconvenient for her to translate it into its corresponding English term. Her awareness of culture-related topics was also obvious when she talked to her classmate Kai about the most popular toys. At the time of the study, Pokemons was the hottest topic among the children. Many conversations during the recess periods were about Pokemons.

The following conversation occurred when Lingling was drawing a Pokemon character on the blackboard during the recess. The longshoreman of Representative Works is kinds and videos by spellings and minutes assessed with the g. Revolution Basics you can edit with analyses.

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