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He has presented seminars sponsored by the Accounting Institutes and Societies in Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Utah, and Texas as well as seminars for local and state bar associations.

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Francisco Frank Rosillo, Sr. Rosillo was named in the 10th anniversary and 11th anniversary edition of South Florida Legal Guide as one of the top CPAs and accounting professionals in business valuation and litigation support in South Florida.

In , he was appointed to serve as a lay member of the Florida Bar Grievance Committee. He is a certified public accountant licensed in the states of California, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, and North Carolina.

In , he Mr. Rosillo was awarded a direct appointment to the United States Army, Finance Branch, to the rank of Captain, where he received a letter of commendation from the Pentagon for recommendations made to the U. Army Finance Center for the implementation of statistical methods in the processing of worldwide travel documents.

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Over the past twenty years, his financial expert witness experiences included cases in federal and state courts. Rosillo is a frequent national lecturer, author, and trainer in valuation and forensic accounting topics. Whether forensic work, asset valuations, tracing issues, or general business applications, I have unequivocally found their resources and assistance to be invaluable. Walsh Appellate Ruling Series The appropriate valuation of goodwill in marital dissolutions has long been….

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When there is waste or dissipation of marital assets by one spouse, the trail court may, when apportioning the community property, award money or property sufficient to compensate the other spouse for that waste. But what is waste in the eyes of the court? Gambling, drugs, extramarital activities all sound like possible waste. You will be surprised what could be considered waste in Arizona. There are situations, in the contexts of tax law and family law, in which allocation of personal and enterprise goodwill is relevant and should be subject to detailed analysis.

We are not typical accountants. We are involved when money is the dispute. We take complex accounting and financial issues and present them in an understandable manner. We focus on the big picture. Feel free to call us at any time. We can be reached during normal business hours at: Skip to content. Search for:. Home Our Team Chris J.

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Hughes David S. Foster Jacob T. Contact Us. You may have a great tax person, but that does not make them a testifying expert.

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Business Valuation Determining the value of a privately held company requires a detailed analysis by an experienced and credentialed expert. Read More. Forensic Accounting We approach each forensic engagement with a big-picture mentality that involves identifying the most advanced areas to examine and employing the most advanced techniques. Economic Damages We work closely with clients and advisors to determine reasonable and highly defensible damage analyses and have the experience to testify in court regarding our findings.

Asset Tracing Tracing is utilized in marital dissolutions, civil litigation and criminal cases. Receivership Our team has served as a court-appointed receiver on numerous occasions for reasons ranging from marital disputes to the liquidation of a multimillion-dollar investment funds that collapsed under the weight of a Ponzi scheme fraud. Litigation Support Because accounting is the language of business, accounting experts can often clarify business transactions and explain the records reflecting them to lawyers, judges and juries.

Who are we? Cases are rarely the same, but our approach is. Initial Consultation It may take just a phone call, or a meeting. Data request and discovery You may have everything we need to get started, but this is not likely. Data review and analysis As documents and data is reviewed our scope may change.

Depositions and Interrogatories This is our chance to ask the questions. Report writing We want you and everyone that reads our report to understand it. Call us before opposing counsel does! What they are saying. Still not convinced Know More Contact Us.