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The design of the work is monotonal, two movements are in the key of B major, two in B minor. Notably, the work has two published versions, the first being around ten minutes longer in performance time, or more accurately, bars longer than the revised version, which was produced in Unlike my treatment of that work, however, we are at least for now speaking solely of the revised edition, which is by far the most common in performance.

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Notably, both versions still ended in B minor. The first movement is in sonata form, with an absolutely beautiful exposition that not only presents two contrasting themes but a long, broad kind of unbroken line of beauty. There are long stretches of the first subject where all three instruments play almost entirely in unison, and yet the sound is so full and expressive.

Wait for something like the 5-plet figure toward the end of the exposition. The phrasing and shaping of melodies across instruments and the ebb and flow of it all is so much more than just beautiful music, to me.

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It itself is of course beautiful, but it is the foundation upon which exciting, interesting, breathtaking things happen. The trio, though, moves back to the broad warmth of the first movement, but this time in triple meter.

Brahms "Piano Trio op 8 (1. Version 1854)(Orchestra-Version)

The scherzo returns, with a coda, to round out this movement. Wikipedia mentions that the movement ends in a Picardy third in B major, which sets up for the third movement, but at the very least, without the music theory jargon, we could say it ends surprisingly softly and warmly for what it presented to us.

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Piano Trio No 1 in B major

Don't show me this message again. Trio for piano, violin and cello in B major, Op 8 composer.

View whole album. And there's much more! He was in his early twenties when he composed it, but even before the work had appeared in print he expressed doubts about it. Brahms eagerly seized the opportunity to recast what had been his earliest chamber work. Those post-show parties feature coffee and great desserts freshly made by our Palladium Chamber Series season supporter, The Princess Martha, a senior residence in downtown St.

Piano Trio No. 1 in B Major, Op. 8 ( Version) scored for Piano Trio

For tickets and more information call our box office at or follow this link for on-line tickets. Kurt Loft is again providing program notes for this concert. They will be inserted in the program, but you can read it early right now:. Sitting alone on stage at the Palladium Theater, without a safety net or backup plan, Jeewon Park will have her fingers full. Park also will perform the Trio No. The Goldbergs — as they are called for short — are a sui generis masterpiece of the variation form.

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The music begins with a tranquil, unassuming tune, and then traverses a labyrinth of twists and turns that are as pleasing to the ear as they are logical to the mind. Bach composed the work in , allegedly for a harpsichordist named Johann Gottlieb Goldberg, who was the private musician for a Russian ambassador to the Dresden court. As the story goes, the ambassador had insomnia, and wanted music to help him drift off to sleep. If anything, the Goldbergs have the opposite effect on Park.

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Playing the Goldbergs also can be daunting because of its sheer length.