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Lec 1 - MIT 6.042J Mathematics for Computer Science, Fall 2010

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Algebraic Operads

Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD In this talk I will explain how the homotopy version of the theory of polynomial functors remedies this, upgrading from sets to groupoids to infinity-groupoids. This involves a Joyal theorem for homotopical species, an initial-algebra theorem for accessible endofunctors, a description of the free infinity monad on a polynomial endofunctor in terms of trees, and a nerve theorem implying that finitary polynomial monads are a model for infinity operads. This is joint work with David Gepner and Rune Haugseng.

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Toggle Main Menu. Substitution decomposition for discrete structures and connections with combinatorial optimization. Annals of Discrete Mathematics, 19, Algorithmic aspects of the substitution decomposition in optimization over relations, set systems and boolean functions.

Annals of Operations Research, 4 1 , Schweinberger, M. Local dependence in random graphs: characterization, properties, and statistical inference.

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Sizemore, A. Cliques and cavities in the human connectome. Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 44 1 , Keywords: random graph models, modular decomposition of graphs, biological networks, complex systems, brain networks. Presentation Type: Oral Presentation.

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Topic: Neuroergonomics. Hierarchical modeling of graphs using modular decomposition. Conference Abstract: 2nd International Neuroergonomics Conference. Copyright: The abstracts in this collection have not been subject to any Frontiers peer review or checks, and are not endorsed by Frontiers.

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