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Bueger , p. It encompasses a so-called New Constructivism that, made up of practice theory and relationalism, is offering new approaches such as field theory, network analysis, and actor-network theory McCourt, Would it, thus, be appropriate to argue that pragmatist foreign policy theorizing is merely an addendum to IR constructivism? As Dewey [b] , p. It would obviously be misleading to claim that pragmatism does not constitute a paradigm or a tradition of thought. Yet, it would also be self-defeating if pragmatists propagated what Richard Rorty , pp.

Many constructivists sound as if such a vocabulary might be attainable indeed.

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Some IR scholars inspired by American Pragmatism also pursue an explicit normative agenda. In the context of debates about the dilemmas of humanitarian intervention, for instance, Bellamy , pp.

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Cochran , p. Pragmatism is not only held to have entered IR due to its anti-positivism in the s but also praised as a method of normative social inquiry Cochran, , p. According to Cochran , p. It can also be found in publications that grasp the social world in methodically fine-grained steps. In their examination of German foreign policy discourse, for instance, Roos and Rungius , pp.

They also explicitly theorize their subject matter normatively, yet as it behoves a pragmatist perspective without claiming ultimate justifications. One of the normatively most far-reaching claims by pragmatist scholars is advanced by Abraham and Abramson , pp. This is also an interesting exemplar of pragmatist scholarship that illustrates how explicitly normative pragmatist theorizing can transcend the divide between IR theory and foreign policy analysis. Summing it all up, American Pragmatism was absent when IR and FPA were formed according to the dominant disciplinary self-descriptions and it was only noticed in the discipline nearly 80 years after the first chair of international relations had been established in It took until the s for pragmatism to be discovered as a useful tool in attacking positivism Cochran, , p.

To fulfill these promises on an ever-larger scale in the future, the best thing pragmatist scholars can do is to engage in relevant research. Abraham, K. A pragmatist vocation for international relations: The global public and its problems. European Journal of International Relations , 23 1 , 26— Find this resource:.

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Adler, E. Seizing the middle ground: Constructivism in world politics. European Journal of International Relations , 3 3 , — International practices: Introduction and framework. Pouliot Eds. Cambridge, U. Adler-Nissen, R. The social self in international relations. European Review of International Studies , 3 3 , 27— Ashley, R. Foreign policy as political performance. International Studies Notes , 13 2 , 51— Austin, J.

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How to do things with words. The William James lectures Banchoff, T.

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German identity and European integration. European Journal of International Relations , 5 3 , — Baumann, R.

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The transformation of German multilateralism: Changes in the foreign policy discourse since unification. Baden-Baden, Germany: Nomos. Bellamy, A. Pragmatic solidarism and the dilemmas of humanitarian intervention. Millennium: Journal of International Studies , 31 3 , — Cooperation and Conflict , 50 1 , — Berger, T. Norms, identity, and national security in Germany and Japan.

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Journal of International Studies , 31 3 , — Pragmatism and international relations: A story of closure and opening. European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy , 6 1 , — Deibert, R. European Journal of International Relations , 3 2 , — Dessler, D. International Organization , 43 3 , — Dewey, J. Monroe Ed. New York: Macmillan. Democracy and education. Boydston Ed.

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Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press. The pragmatism of Peirce. The need for a recovery of philosophy. Dewey Ed. New York: Holt. Experience and nature. The public and its problems. The quest for certainty. New York: Minton, Balch.

Experience and education. Logic: The theory of inquiry. Duffield, J. Political culture and state behavior. Why Germany confounds neorealism. International Organization , 53 4 , — Elman, C. Horses for courses: Why not neorealist theories of foreign policy? Security Studies , 6 1 , 7— Fann, K. The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff. Fierke, K. Links across the abyss: Language and logic in international relations. International Studies Quarterly , 46 3 , — Franke, U. Actor, structure, process: Transcending the state personhood debate by means of a pragmatist ontological model for international relations theory.

Review of International Studies , 36 4 , — Roos, Rekonstruktive Methoden der Weltpolitikforschung pp. At the Papini hotel: On pragmatism in the study of international relations. European Journal of International Relations , 18 4 , — Friedrichs, J.