Guide The Brain Audit: Why Customers Buy (and Why They Dont)

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It follows the decision-making pattern that we use everyday. Don't leave the thought process to chance and let that customer walk away. Your customers don't want to walk away.

The Brain Audit: Why Customers Buy (and Why They Don't)

They want to buy from you. So how does the brain make decisions? And what causes it to get confused? Is the Brain a Conveyor Belt? Would you believe it's not random at all? The Brain Audit is a tool that allows you to understand the predictability of a buying sequence. Readers have changed their business cards, their websites and their whole way of thinking once they learned the extreme power of this simple trigger.

When you use this trigger, you activate the curiosity of the brain and get customers engaged. Customers start asking questions, and instead of shooing you away, invite you to tell them more. And benefits and solutions work, but they fail miserably if they're placed out of the sequence. So where do you place your benefits? And why? But how are you going to do that if you don't even know what gets their attention in the first place? The Brain Audit not only shows you how to get their attention, but actually get a response. This response helps you go ahead with the sale.

But how do you target? How do you target when you've got multiple products and services? How do you target when you've got such a wide potential customer base? The Brain Audit shows you how. Ignore targeting and you get close to zero-response and polite smiles. Here are several case studies that help you create a distinct marketing tool that you can use in any business you start up.

How do you stop your brand from being a commodity? There's a comprehensive wealth of information within The Brain Audit that shows you how to go about defining your uniqueness in a step-by-step manner.

Is the Customer Ready To Buy? But we read the signals all wrong.

The Brain Audit Why Customers Buy and Why They Don't

Instead of anticipating and preparing for this moment, we make the mistake of getting defensive, and it drives the customer away. So what does the customer say? How do we know that the customer is ready? You'll be amazed that you've never realised this obvious buying signal before.

There's a simple way to attract the non-pesky customers. There's a simple way to attract customers from specific industries or locations. With this information you get the dream customers and the painful customers never show up at all. The risk of making a mistake; the risk of looking like a fool; the risk of wasting time, money and resources.

Even when a customer is ready to buy the risk becomes an almost insurmountable wall. How do you reduce this risk to zero? And how do you explore the obvious as well as the hidden risks and get them out of the way? The Next Step : You can get all the information in the world, but if you can't benchmark or audit it, the information becomes pretty useless. Bo Burlingham Editor-at-Large Inc. After 40 years in sales and marketing, I thought I knew the formula. I could have helped a lot more people along the way and my current net worth would be significantly higher. This is master-level applied psychology, necessary for any self-respecting marketer.

What The Brain Audit provides that was missing in all of the 'mainstream' teaching and training is the piece critical to all sales: how the brain perceives and processes information. So far, I have applied Brain Audit to a community newsletter, to a new speaker forum series, and to the design of a client's website with great success.

The Brain Audit: Why Customers Buy (And Why They Don't) - The CEO Library

Susan Trinter Corporate Dev. Programs Washington D. Sean wants to make money too. He wants to have a good living, but his mind is really focused on taking apart things into little steps that people can grasp and they can be satisfied. The ego is not driving his choices. David Greene Seattle, USA My first meetings with a client used to be nothing more than a presentation of my portfolio. The Brain Audit has given me a system that I can illustrate to the client.

I can tell I sound much more professional and competent.

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Also, the system makes my job easier and faster. I don't have to reinvent the wheel every time.

Richard Schieferdecker Consultant. Aachen, Germany. While reading The Brain Audit, I was very pleased to find very condensed information which was easy to implement. And best of all: no contradiction with all the books and articles I read on neuroscience and its contribution to understanding how psychology works.

But more interesting is the use of especially the first three red bags in my consulting work, e. To see how the brains of people begins to work when they think about the questions, and to hear the quality of the answers is really amazing. I recommend The Brain Audit to people to clarify the focus of their work, because it is an simple and sound step-by-step system, and easy to implement. That's because very few in my experience change the very basis of how you think. At the end of the day marketing or sales is the art of persuasion.

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No matter what you do, we all use the art of persuasion everyday of our lives. Whether we are persuading someone to buy our product, use our service, buy into a new idea, or in my case, decide a law suit in my client's favour. The Brain Audit really teaches you the art of persuasion because it gives an insight into how people's brains work. I have used the principles in writing Web pages, writing articles, making presentations, networking, negotiating and even writing submissions for a judge!

But the best bit about The Brain Audit is that it actually works. The principles are easy to understand — applying them takes practice, but persevere and you will see results. I have virtually built a business on the principles in The Brain Audit and if you don't believe me take a look at approachablelawyer.

Structured explanations : Every chapter has very structured explanations. So each explanation builds on the previous one, and each chapter builds on the next. This leads to sequential assimilation of facts and details.